Xtreamer e-TRAYz NAS boasts up to 4TB storage, artistic license with English language

Loving your Xtreamer media player? The company's gearing up for a much larger, more versatile NAS complement that supports up to 4TB of storage across two bays, and anyone who's purchased last year's model by November 1st will get a chance to pre-order this one for €59 (US $84) when the listing opens on that day. It's bring-your-own-disk drives, but otherwise you're getting a Windows 7 / Snow Leopard-compliant server that supports RAID 0 / 1, torrent management, 802.11n (with dongle), and a surveillance webcam for remote snooping that's due out by Christmas of this year. After November 1st the price jumps to €99, and those who don't have the current Xtreamer will have to pick up both as a €198 set. No ship date yet, but we're supposed to be hearing more details, including full specs, in the coming days.

[Via Engadget Spanish]