Pleo lover and former Ugobe CTO John Sosoka separates robo-mind and robo-body with two new companies

Why did Pleo-maker Ugobe fail? There are many reasons, but former CTO John Sosoka thinks one of them is that the one company tried to do too much, working on both hardware and software for the lovable little paleolithic guy. Live and learn, as they say, and so his next venture is not one but two companies: the first, Vita Robotica, to develop a "completely new implementation of a brain for robots;" the other, Pulse-Robotics, to work on a sort of robo-OS for the thing. It sounds smart, but don't get your hopes up for a next-gen Pleo that can not only look cute but perhaps forage for food or do something useful. Sosoka is now focused on creating companion robots of the sort that could perhaps provide an alternative to therapy dogs. And here we thought dancing to Britney Spears was the pinnacle of robo-evolution.