Nokia's 3D N810 Internet Tablet caught on blurrycam

We can't say that the idea of stereoscopic displays on cellphones ever really appealed to us -- more than anything, it sounds like the recipe for a nasty migraine. But provided a company figures out how to do it right (and without the silly glasses) true 3D could lead to some pretty interesting interface design, to say the very least. With Sony singing the technology's praises at IFA this morning, it's fitting that Nokia is showing off one such number at Nokia World in Stuttgart today. According to Pocket-lint, the N810 Internet Tablet shown above has been outfitted with a "special screen" made by a "secret third party manufacturer" and displays 3D content to the naked eye. Sure, we're pretty skeptical that 3D will be a hit (or even stop being lousy) any time soon, but who knows? There seem to be a few companies out there who think that it could pull them out of their doldrums.

[Via The Raw Feed]