Optinvent promises to offer Clear Vu HMD for less than $200

While some may say that price isn't the main factor that's been holding HMDs back from mass acceptance, France's Optinvent (a spin-off of Thomson S.A.) is apparently of that opinion, and it's now promising to deliver a full-fledged HMD for less than $200 by the end of next year. In addition to their trend-setting good looks (to be further refined in the final version), the company's so-called Clear Vu goggles make use of a reflection system that displays images in the wearer's field of vision rather than completely obstructing it, which the company says opens to the door a whole host of augmented reality possibilities -- like heads-up GPS directions, for instance. Unfortunately, the company isn't offering much in the way of actual specs just yet, although it does say the goggles will display an image size equivalent to a 71-inch TV placed 2.5 meters away.