Sirius XM Onyx radio, PowerConnect accessories hit the FCC

Sirius XM's Onyx radio may have gotten a little lost in the shuffle when it was announced alongside the company's SkyDock iPhone / iPod touch dock, but it looks like none other than the FCC has now stepped in to offer a bit of a reminder, with the radio and a slew of accessories for it turning up for some approval. While the radio itself is pretty standard fare, the various accessories for it are anything but, as they make use of the company's new PowerConnect technology (also found in the SkyDock) that essentially takes advantage of your car's wiring to offer a better FM transmitter and ease installations in the process. Hit up the link below for a closer look at some of the accessory options available, including a cassette adapter for those looking to bring a bit of the 21st century to their old car stereo.