Eyes on LG's Color Pop monitors, just called Coke in the south

Hey princess, look over here -- daddy's got a pair of new LG W30 Color Pop monitors for you. These sticky-sweet parfaits of sugar-liquid crystal come all the way from South Korea. Do you know where that is? Sure you do, just below that little man with the bouffant hairdo and Elvis specs. These 37-mm slim monitors are available in your choice of Oreo Black, Jelly Pink, Blueberry Purple, Applemint Green, and Hawaiian Blue and ship with a glossy, two-tone frame to further unsettle your mother's sense of refinement. They come in medium (18.5-inch, 1366x768 pixels) and big (21.5-inch, 1920x1080) sizes and begin shipping in the US come September and worldwide later in the year. Just for you, 'cause you're worth it honey.