Final press shots emerge of OCZ's Z-Drive, shipments still forever away

Le sigh. When OCZ's hotly-anticipated Z-Drive popped up for pre-order on Amazon back in May, we just knew that this thing would be shipping out to consumers in no time flat. Yet, here we are in early September with an estimated ship date of "1 to 3 months." Thankfully for those anxiously awaiting a serious dose of PCI-Express-based SSD goodness, it looks as if the firm has finally nailed down the final look, feel and performance numbers for the device. There's no arguing that the unit you see above is all the excuse you need to invest in a translucent chassis, but it's the promised sustained write rates of up to 600MB/sec that really have us drooling. So far as we know, the outfit will still be charging somewhere in the neighborhood of four arms and 2.5 legs for the privilege of ownership, but if that 1TB edition just feels too far out of reach, hopefully the 250GB and 500GB models will only require a smattering of heists.