LG launching three mysterious Windows phones soon, ten elusive others in 2010

It's cool LG -- it's not like we really need to know model names and BOMs for each of your new Windows phones. In fact, it's completely kosher if you just tease us with launch dates and nothing more. It's not like you've got any rivals out there already sharing a good deal more or anything. And hey, if it weren't for that oh-so-informative blurb underneath the image in your press release, we wouldn't even know that the already-launched GW550 would be amongst the first three WinMo 6.5-packin' smartphones you've got on deck for an "imminent launch." What precious little we do know is that in addition to that there GW550, the first volley of three will feature a full touchscreen device and a touch slider with full QWERTY -- both form factors we'd fully expect represented in force for 6.5 -- and they'll be made available to "early adopters" in Europe, Asia, and the US before being introduced on a larger scale. But listen, we definitely appreciate you telling us that a grand total of 13 new Windows phones will be out and about by the end of 2010, and we'll be patiently waiting for details on the whos, whats, whens and wheres. Toodeloo!