Samsung outs N130 and N140 netbooks, incites groans of disappointment

It's been a good year since Samsung unveiled its universally praised NC10, yet here we are -- one successor and countless competing models later -- looking at the exact same specs being offered up in the Korean company's latest pair of netbooks. Why exactly a successful laptop of any kind would need three identikit successors isn't something we can readily account for, but let's look at what (little) is actually new, shall we? A lightweight version of MS Office is bundled (try and stifle your excitement, please), alongside a suite of new Samsung apps and automated backup to Microsoft's free 25GB SkyDrive online vaults. The N140 gets a pair of skull-rattling 3W stereo speakers and a larger battery (up to 5,900 mAh) to differentiate it from the N130, and ergonomics are said to be improved, but we're still left with the bitter taste of stagnating hardware in our mouth. Windows 7, please, save us.

[Via Engadget Spanish]