Sony Ericsson W595 shows off its Ed Hardy tats

Hate or love their software, their usability, or their distribution model, it's hard to argue that Sony Ericsson (and Ericsson before it) hasn't usually had a keen eye for design. Ed Hardy, on the other hand... well, that's open to debate -- but like it or not, the two world are colliding thanks to Carphone Warehouse division over in the UK. It seems the retailer has an exclusive on an Ed Hardied version of the W595 slider that's currently on pre-order, offering the same specs as its more buttoned-up sister -- QVGA display, 3.2 megapixel cam, HSDPA -- but the shell's been traded out for a truly unforgettable mishmash of artistry that's sure to leave an impression on anyone who sees the phone glued to your face. It's no more wild than the Bob Sinclar W508, really, so pick your poison.