Video: Electric folding YikeBike looks slightly ridiculous, totally practical

You know the opening sequence of The Jetsons where George's flying car folds right up into a briefcase, then he goes inside and kicks his feet up at the desk of the future? Well, we may not have flying cars -- or moving walkways that sweep us to our office chairs for that matter -- but soon we will have the YikeBike, an electric bicycle that tucks neatly into a bag little bigger than a briefcase. Its styling queues are decidedly futuristic penny-farthing, with the large front wheel, tiny rear, and little mustache handlebar, but that front wheel is driven by an electric motor giving a range of 9km and a top speed of 20km/h. No word on how long a full charge takes, but 80 percent requires only 20 minutes. It looks like fun (see for yourself after the break), and is due to start shipping by the middle of next year, but at a cost of €3,900 (over $5,500) it's going to be something of a tall sale for a short ride.


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