Samsung doles out 640GB S2 portable, 2TB S3 Station HDDs

Whatever Toshiba can do, Samsung can do... um, equally well? Evidently that's the game being played over at IFA, as the latter company has issued a 640GB portable hard drive of its own nary 24 hours after Tosh did likewise. The unspeakably cute S2 portable is getting a much-needed capacity bump, making the largest drive in the line 640GB. In related news, the company's 3.5-inch S3 Station external HDD has seen its maximum storage level creep north to 2TB, though storage freaks will have to wait patiently until "early next year" in order to take one home. Prices for both remain a mystery, but if we had to guess, we'd put the MSRPs about a penny under whatever Toshiba settles on. Call it a hunch.

[Via HotHardware]