Toshiba's JournE touch to get VoIP and ebook functionality, dedicated e-reader planned for 2010

We've been trolling the Toshiba booth, and just got word on a couple upcoming JournE touch apps, a brief look at the app store, and word of an all-new ebook reader in the works at the company. Toshiba's planning to add VoIP and ebook apps to the JournE, along with a "fridge" app to allow home users to jot notes for each other on the device. The app store seems simple enough, peddling its wares alongside the video and music downloads the JournE can access -- though specific content distribution deals aren't hammered out just yet. Under the hood there's an ARM4 processor, but while the device seems pretty responsive in its basic interface, it was really brought to its knees by web browsing, and we'd say Toshiba has a looong way to go on its software before it makes Windows CE into something usable for touch at this size and resolution. Check out video of the device interfacing with the dock, along with a quick look at the app store, after the break.

Perhaps more intriguing is confirmation that Toshiba is planning a new ebook device with similar inspiration as the JournE (Toshiba already makes the much different Biblio reader for Japan), but is holding off until a standard book format and distribution model is nailed down by the industry. Details on the device itself are slim, with e-ink only "one of the options" for screen technology. A touchscreen interface of some sort is likely, but even that's not locked down. For now Toshiba would prefer us to concentrate on the JournE, which is no surprise.