Philips serves up two new Senseo brewmakers at IFA, still won't dethrone Starbucks

It's been a full year since we asked if a few off-the-wall renders were indicative of Philips' next-generation Senseo, but at long last, the next in the long line of successful coffee making machines has come to light. Seven years after the first Senseo hit the scenes, the heralded machine will finally be made available in a new "square shape," with the appropriately named Quadrante doing everything a Senseo does but with edges rather than contours. Said machine will be available in Dark Stroke Black and Bright Style White, while the limited edition version by Marcel Wanders -- which hearkens back to the classic design -- spices things up with some fancy sequins atop a translucent red or translucent grey finish. For the java lovers in attendance, feel free to give the read links below a once over, and be sure to raise a glass to us while you're at it. [Warning: PDF read links]

Read - Philips Senseo Quadrante
Read - Philips limited edition Senseo