Samsung WB5000: hands-on with a 24x zoom featherweight

When not concerned with the futility of existence we know what has your mind preoccupied: just how manly is Samsung's WB5000? With a 24x optical zoom, full manual control option, ISO 6400 sensitivity, and RAW format support it's just gotta be a heaving mass of elongating gadget hedonism, right? Well, no... at least not physically. Granted, our nerdceps are tuned to negate the shutter recoil of Nikon's beastly D300 DSLR. But the WB5000 feels surprisingly light, hollow even. Now the weight of a super-zoom camera, in general, has nothing to do with image quality. But the size to weight ratio was surprising nonetheless, and a stark reminder that the WB5000 is nothing more than a massive 26mm Schneider-KREUZNACH lens with compact-camera quality components inside its chunky posterior. We'll reserve judgment until we, or someone else, can grab a unit for a full review. 'Till then, you know where to find more pics.