BD-Live scores 4-million monthly connections, and that's a lot of trailers

We'll say it right up front -- BD-Live hasn't impressed early, but we're not going to give up on it altogether. For the most part, it has underwhelmed because of uninspired implementation, not the technology itself. While we skip right by most BD-Live features, however, consumers are connecting their decks to the cloud some 4-million times each month to grab up freebies, according to Deluxe Digital Studios. What's the most popular kind of feature that users are getting their hands on? Trailers, of course -- reinforcing our "uninspired" comment. The linked post at Video Business hints at exciting new BD-Live developments like social networking and hooking into mobile devices, and we'd like to see some of these ideas get traction. But our advice is that if Hollywood doesn't "... want people to feel like they are being marketed to," then just don't market to them. Crazy talk, we know, but share your crazy ideas below.