Headphone shocker! Lady Gaga, Beats by Dr. Dre and Monster Cable join forces

We really can't think of a trinity unholier than that of Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, and Monster Cable, who (protestations to the contrary) is not the only entity legally entitled to use the word "monster." Or "cable," for that matter. That said, our fair Lady has been going for broke with the elaborate costumes and set designs -- at least that's what we hear during our regular slogs through the Gaga fansites and forums -- so perhaps it's no surprise that she seems to be shilling extra hard lately. And for the fruit of this evil menage we need look no further than Heartbeats, her very own signature line of headphones. First, some product details: these bad boys feature a jewel-shaped earpiece that "literally doubles as a high-tech fashion accessory or attractive piece of jewelry," and they're available in October for prices ranging from $99.95 to $149.95. But the best part? Well, for that you'll have to dip into the PR:

In the deepest hour of the night, I confess to myself three things; I would die if I was forbidden to write, forbidden to love, or forbidden to fashion. Heartbeats embody the trinity of my human-being, with one additional vow: that SOUND matters. Wear Heartbeats, love each other, and celebrate the art and lifestyle of music.

Right. If you're morbidly curious, please feel free to hop on down to the ga-ga-gallery below.

Update: Yes, we're still convinced that Monster Cable is pure evil -- but as always we reserve the right to stick our two cents in whenever we feel that something is too upsetting / hilarious to pass up. And we're sure you agree that this product is nothing if not upsetting / hilarious!