iPhone Commodore 64 app removed from App Store

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iPhone Commodore 64 app removed from App Store
Were you happy to hear that C64, the iPhone Commodore 64 emulator app, had been approved by Apple and finally seen release? We were too. Try to remember that feeling, then, as we tell you that after having been rejected, and then finally accepted, it's been pulled from the App Store.

When developer Manomio learned that the C64's BASIC interpreter was the problem the first time, it removed obvious access, but left the interpreter in the software so it could be re-enabled later if Apple changed its mind. However, some users discovered how to access BASIC. Apple found out and removed it before anyone could use the C64's incredible computing power to blow the iPhone platform wide open.

Manomio has (re)re-submitted the app, so hopefully it'll actually make it to the App Store and stay there this time.

[Via Engadget]
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