Reminder: We'll be live at Apple's 'rock and roll' event Wednesday at 10AM PDT!

Hey, we'll be live on the scene at Apple's "rock and roll" event on Wednesday, so get ready for some hot liveblogging action. We're pretty much just expecting new iPods, but you never know -- we might see a new tablet, the iPhone 3GT, or even El Steve himself. It's all going down at 10AM PDT (local times below), but you can start speculating right now.

Here's where to tune in, and here's when:

07:00AM - Hawaii

10:00AM - Pacific

11:00AM - Mountain

12:00PM - Central

01:00PM - Eastern

06:00PM - London

07:00PM - Paris

09:00PM - Moscow

02:00AM - Tokyo (September 10th)