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Last minute Apple rumor roundup: iPhone HD video out, no new iPod touch?

Okay, we're in the final countdown to Apple's Only Rock and Roll event, and some interesting bits of info have hit the wires while we're waiting. First, AppleInsider claims a "historically reliable source" has leaked the entire new lineup of iPods, complete with model numbers, and it's somewhat surprising if true: not only do capacities remain the same apart from a 160GB iPod classic, the iPod touch is absent from the list -- leading some to believe its upgrade has been delayed due to rumored technical issues with the camera module. AI also says the nano is getting "significant changes" to Nike+, but doesn't go into further detail.

There's also been an interesting press release this morning from Harmon Kardon, which is touting that its new Bridge III iPod / iPhone dock and AVR 2600 and 3600 receivers can "play back HD video from iPod or iPhone products." Seeing as there's no (official) way to even get HD video onto an iPod or iPhone right now, that seems to indicate there's a change a-comin' -- and seeing as we've already gotten the iPhone 3GS to play back 1080p video, the addition of HD video support to at least some of the i-line seems like a no-brainer. We'll see what's true and what's just wishful thinking soon enough -- the liveblog starts in just a little bit!

Update: And just in case you couldn't get enough sketchy cases, Cygnett has some listed on its site that seem to show a new nano screen size, as well as a new touch with a camera. Things are definitely heating up, stay tuned.

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