Steve Jobs says iPod touch didn't get a camera because 'it's a great game machine'

Wondering why Apple chose to add a camera to the iPod nano, but not the revised iPod touch? You're not alone, but one Mr. Steven P. Jobs has an answer for you: it's because the touch is a game machine, you see. Seriously -- that's what El Steve told the inimitable David Pogue today after the Rock and Roll event. According to Steve, Apple wasn't "exactly sure how to market the touch" at first, but once they listened to their customers and started to focus on gaming, "it just took off." That certainly explains the "funnest iPod ever" tagline, but still, why no cam? "We don't need to add new stuff -- we need to get the price down to where everyone can afford it." And... that's all he said about it, and Poguey didn't pursue the blindingly obvious followup: that's great for the $199 8GB model, but does Apple really think customers paying $299 and $399 for the larger editions would be turned off by paying slightly more for a camera sensor? Something tell us we won't hear Jobs say one more word about it until he's ready to actually unveil a touch with a camera -- at which point it will be a revolution.

P.S.- Make sure to hit the read link for the full interview -- it's short, but it's full of Steve saying things like "You notice Amazon never says how [many Kindles] they sell; usually if they sell a lot of something, you want to tell everybody."