Zero Creative's 71-inch 3D LCD will make environmentalists weep

As Sony's notoriously power-thirsty PS3 receives a major boost in efficiency, you might think the age of the gluttonous gadget is at an end. Zero Creative, however, is here to show us that some manufacturers just aren't interested in being green. The company has created a 71-inch version of its xyZ (not xYz) lineup, a 3D LCD that sucks down an impressive 1 kilowatt when turned on. Given your average eco-friendly display tends to require something like 20 to 50 watts to bring you an image, that's quite an energy premium to pay -- and that's on top of the €70,000 price tag (about $100,000). Of course, what those eco-friendly LCDs can't do is give you a 3D image without glasses, a feature that is the very specialty of the commercially-minded xyZ lineup. An inability to display anything in plain 'ol 2D is something of a shortcoming, but we're told switchable versions are coming -- as is an even bigger, 100-inch screen that will ship with a dedicated coal-fired power plant.