AMD announces 'VISION' guide to buying PCs

Well, Intel may have been on a bit of a processor rebranding kick as of late, but it looks like AMD is now trying to one-up 'em in fairly big way with its new "VISION" branding strategy, which promises to do nothing short of change the way people buy PCs -- or so AMD hopes. The short of it is that AMD is looking to take the focus off the processor and instead connect "the needs of the consumer to the PC," which, of course, calls for some new logos. As you can see above, new AMD-based PCs (starting with laptops and extending to desktops early next year) will be now branded primarily as either Vision, Vision Premium, or Vision Ultimate, with the processor and other specs apparently tucked away for folks that want to go looking for them. Not ones to keep things too simple, AMD will also later be introducing a Vision Black edition for "high-end, top of the line systems" which, ironically, are aimed mostly at folks primarily concerned with specs.

[Via Technologizer]