ATI Radeon Eyefinity unveiled: up to six monitors on a single card

At a press event today the gang at AMD unleashed their newest graphics technology on the world. To be incorporated in the next generation of ATI Radeons, Eyefinity can rock up to six displays (DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, etc.) with a single card, thanks to a new 40-nm graphics chip that contains 2 billion transistors, capable of 2.5 trillion calculations every second. Monitors can be configured to make up either one contiguous display or six separate ones, and the card can create 268 megapixel images. That means, according to Venture Beat, that it will deliver games with "12 times the high-definition resolution." And the gang at Hot Hardware, who reports that the new graphic cards will come with either three or six display outs, put a prototype through its paces. We're pleased to report that playing Left 4 Dead on three 30-inch displays "absolutely changes the experience for the better." No word yet on a release date, but apparently Acer, Dell, HP, MSI and Toshiba already have Eyefinity notebooks in the works. We'll take two! More shots after the break.

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