LG debuts N2R1 NAS with built-in DVD burner, up to 2TB of storage

It may be a pretty crowded field to compete and stand out in, but it looks like LG is intent on angling for a bigger share of the NAS market nonetheless, and it's now taken advantage of CEDIA to debut its new N2R1 model. While this one doesn't pack a Blu-ray recorder like LG's earlier model, it does still include a somewhat uncommon built-in DVD burner to complement the two standard hard drives (for up to 2TB of storage). Otherwise, you can expect the usual Ethernet and WiFi connectivity (just 802.11g, unfortunately), DLNA support, and all the basic security measures you'd expect -- not to mention a stylish white enclosure. Look for this one to hit retailers sometime this Fall with a list price of $299 for the 1TB version or $399 for the 2TB model.