Save $100 on a T-Mobile myTouch 3G, thanks to Oprah

What could possibly cause T-Mobile to knock a full $100 off a successful smartphone less than two months after it started shipping? A lapse in judgment? A freewheelin' new CEO? A brand new Android phone set for release? No, it's something far more momentous: a new season of Oprah. While it's not quite a new car, folks tuning into the show today will apparently be treated to one of the biggest celebrity android sightings to date, and be given the opportunity to snag a myTouch 3G of their own for just $99 (on a two-year contract with data, of course). Can't wait another minute? Then it looks like you're in luck, as the discount code is already up on T-Mobile's website, and is valid until September 24th.

[Thanks, Jeff]