Video: Crafthouse's Melissa robotic hand sounds sweet, looks menacing

Is your poor robot getting by without digits? Without them the poor thing can't greet others, catch ping pong balls, or dial up its cyber-shorties. You need the Melissa Hand from Crafthouse, a servo-driven mitt that's just perfect for your little overlord-to-be. All five fingers open and close at the same time, so it's not ideal for rude robo-gestures, but the videos after the break should give you an idea of what kind of trouble you can get into with the 60mm wide paw. The price? ¥60,000, or about $600. If that's too rich you could always buy a single finger for around $50, but those who need the absolute best can spring for the so-called God Hand, a custom-made model that's a bit smaller (45mm wide) and costs a whopping ¥180,000 -- just shy of $2,000 for a set of left and right. For that kind of money we expect something a little more impressive.

[Via Boing Boing Gadgets, Impress]

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