China Mobile to offer subsidized e-ink reader

We don't know how well a subsidized e-reader would fly in the States, but it looks like we're soon to find out how well it does in China. The AirPaper50T e-book reader sports a 6-inch (800 x 600) e-ink display up top, another 3.7-inch display below for navigation (we guess), and allows you to purchase books for between 3 and 5 yuan (between $0.43 and $1.02) from China Mobile's store, over its TD-SCDMA and GSM networks. This bad boy also sports a USB interface for transferring files from our PC (which is good, 'cos it has no WiFi) and a SIM card slot, and a single charge can last some 30,000 page views or sit in standby mode for 7 days. Let us know how this one works out for you, eh?


[Via Engadget Chinese]