Zune HD promotional videos offer brief glimpse at 3D gaming

Zune HD may really be just around the corner -- this Tuesday, in fact -- but there's still a few things we don't know about. Enter a handful of promotional videos care of Buy TV to fill in some pieces. There's a couple of really nice overviews of the car dock, built-in radio, Xbox integration, Zune video, and AV dock (it outputs 720p video, just to clarify). More importantly, though, in the video entitled "Portable Perfection" around the 30-second mark, you catch a quick view of what appears to be a racing title as the narrator discusses the ability to "play games" on the device. For a company that's been about as coy as possible when it comes to the status of applications for its forthcoming Tegra-powered monster, this isn't exactly subtle. There's also what looks like some new Zune marketplace images in the Zune pass video around ten seconds in. Be honest, you had nothing else to do this Friday, and now you can at least watch some gadget noir. Check it out after the break and form your own wild opinions.

[Via Zunited, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]