EVGA's dual-LCD InterView display starts shipping

EVGA's unusual dual-LCD InterView display certainly isn't for everybody, but if you've got a desk-mate that you're constantly sharing a monitor with you'll no doubt be pleased to know that it's now finally available to order. Now selling for as low as $624.99 (or $640 list price), the monitor packs dual 17-inch LCDs that can either be used in a screen-spanning mode for an extra-wide 34-inch display, or be rotated and automatically reoriented for folks sitting across form each other. Unfortunately, each display packs a somewhat lackluster 1,440 x 990 resolution, and you'll of course have to make sure you have dual VGA or DVI inputs if you want to run it from a single computer. That'll no doubt be a small trade-off to some folks, however, especially considering there aren't exactly a ton of competitors to the InterView at the moment.

[Via ComputerMonger]