MovieWedge beanbag keeps your iPhone upright, costs ten bucks

You know, 2009 is turning into a banner year for pillow-assisted gadgetry. Not only has Philips introduced the CushionSpeaker, but we've just been hepped to a similar idea for the portable media set, an iPhone / Zune / etcetera stand called the MovieWedge. If you've ever wanted to spend $9.95 on a bean bag, now's your chance, kids -- this guy's shaped like a pyramid, constructed out of micro-suede (perfect for wiping your display free of fingerprints) and who knows? It may free you from the tyranny of having to hold your iPhone upright on long plane rides. But one thing it won't free you from? The shame of spending ten bucks on a beanbag. Peep 'er in the gallery below.

[Via PhoneMag]