Nokia Siemens fires off first EDGE Evolution Downlink Dual Carrier trial

Hey, look at you, Nokia Siemens -- first to complete an EDGE Evolution Downlink Dual Carrier call, and now you're the first to set up a whole trial, too. With China's 3G push finally starting to really take root on all three major carriers, legacy GSM networks are still destined to be mega-important for a long time to come -- the country's huge, after all -- and so it makes good sense that the infrastructure firm teamed up with "one of China's leading operators" to deploy what it's calling a "successful" trial during which live streaming from YouTube and Sina were demonstrated in a live environment. EDGE Evolution ultimately promises downlink speeds of up to 600kbps with seamless transitions to and from 3G coverage, which should serve to significantly extend the life of GSM networks in areas where dropping the dough to go full 3G doesn't necessarily make sense. With 100 percent 3G saturation on AT&T and T-Mobile still many years away in the US, we wouldn't mind seeing some of this action in these parts, either.