HP's 11.6-inch Mini 311 pairs Atom with NVIDIA ION graphics, Windows XP

Three great tastes that taste great together? We suppose we'll find out soon enough. HP has stuffed NVIDIA ION LE graphics into the new (already leaked) Mini 311 netbook-ish PC, but instead of being forced by Microsoft to go Windows Vista or Windows 7 to get the new chip in there, HP has stood by good ol' Windows XP. It comes with a big caveat, however: "Streaming HD video playback not currently supported," and of course an Atom N270 processor is still an N270, no matter what graphics you pair it with -- stay away from heavy Flash video, dear friend. The 11.6-inch WXGA screen dreams of something more, however, and the ION chip can decode HD video and output over HDMI. Of course, it's hard to complain about the $400 starting pricetag. %Gallery-72810% %Gallery-72811%