Packard Bell debuts dot m/u 'netbook with the performance of a notebook'

Packard Bell sure has been keeping itself busy lately with some new laptops, desktops, and even the odd display, but it looks like it's not quite ready to stop this train just yet, and it's now also introduced its new dot m/u "netbook." According to Packard Bell, that is the "first netbook with the performance of a notebook," which could also mean that it's simply not a netbook at all depending on your point of view. Either way, the device is small and light (just over three pounds with an 11.6-inch screen), and a definite step up from your average Atom-based netbook in terms of performance, with it packing an unspecified Intel ULV processor, up to 4GB of RAM, a max 500GB hard drive, a multitouch trackpad, a 5-in1 memory card reader, and Windows 7 Home Premium for an OS. Of course, its £399 price tag (or about $650) is also an upgrade over your usual netbook, and you'll naturally have to wait for Windows 7 to ship before it does.