Gyration Air Mouse Elite gets your hands in the air, like you just don't care

Look out, y'all -- Movea's back. Almost a year to the day after the outfit introduced its air-lovin' Gyration Air Mouse, the Air Mouse Elite is stepping in to take its rightful place atop the range. As with the prior iteration, this one also responds to natural hand movements and enables presenters (or FPS players) to get far, far away from the mousepad. Put simply, the built-in motion sensors enable it to receive commands via "slight wrist movements performed in the air," and it can do so up to 100 feet away from the PC that it's wirelessly attached to. The 3.3-ounce device also ships with a suite of tools for customizing gestures, and if the $99.99 critter just isn't enough, you can spring for a $149.99 bundle that throws in a low-profile wireless keyboard.