Pioneer's new CDJ-2000 DJ deck hopped up with a 6.1-inch LCD, new features

Sure, it's not quite as legendary as the Technics SL-1200MK2, but Pioneer's CDJ-1000 has an impressive reputation of its own in clubs the world over, and the new CDJ-2000 looks to take things to the next level with a 6.1-inch 480 x 234 LCD and the ability to play music directly off USB and SD media. That huge LCD shows waveforms, album art, and song info, and it's paired with a horizontal "Needle Pad" touchstrip underneath it that lets you drag directly to the part of the song you want -- no more endless cueing. Oh, and there's more: up to four 2000s can all share a single USB or SD music source with the Pro Link feature, there's a MIDI mode that allows you to use all 35 buttons to control your favorite audio software, a new four-beat loop cutter that autoslices loops for you on the fly, and the whole shebang is bundled with Pioneer's rekordbox music-management software. Yeah, it's steep at $2,150 -- $1,600 for the screenless CDJ-900 -- but we so, so want one. Video after the break.