Samsung announces Omnia Pro B7330, spills WinMo 6.5 plans for entire Omnia range

If you knew nothing of Samsung's lineup you might think that they'd just announced five Windows Mobile smartphones, but the reality is much, much less interesting: they've basically announced one (which was already widely known) and whipped up a rebranding and relaunch campaign for the other four. To the Omnia range, Sammy has now officially added the Omnia Pro B7330, essentially an upmarket B7320 with a square 320 x 320 display in place of the earlier model's QVGA unit and HSUPA thrown in for good measure. The bigger news might be that the i8000, B7320, B7300, B7330, and B7610 -- every current Omnia model -- will be packaged with Windows Mobile 6.5 going forward, while updates will be offered to Omnia IIs, B7610s, and B7320s currently in the field running 6.1. The B7330 launches on October alongside the previously-announced Omnia Lite B7300; Samsung's being a little more coy about dates for the upgrades, but we're hoping owners aren't waiting too long.