HP and Dell working on 3D gaming laptops?

After the IFA show in Berlin a few weeks ago, it's clear that 3D is getting a big push by some powerful players in consumer electronics. Unfortunately, you won't find many editors around here chompin' at the bit to replace their new Full HD flat screens for a 3D-capable one... and we've seen the demos! Now a Commercial Times report has HP and Dell signed on with Wistron to produce 3D laptops -- Lenovo and Sony are still negotiating. Of course, we've already seen desktop systems powered by NVIDIA's GeForce 3D Vision solution. And rumors have swirled in the past regarding a possible HP laptop using 18.4-inch 3D panels developed by Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) and a Wistron-developed 3D laptop solution based around NVIDIA's Vision technology. Thing is, if 3D isn't that compelling on screens 40-inches and above, how's it going to woo consumers at this size?

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