RAmos Android event scheduled for next week, mystery MID getting real?

Any time a good conundrum is solved there's bound to be mixed feelings -- and The Case of the Mysterious Android MID was certainly no different. Has it really only been a month? Certainly you remember the affair -- how pictures (and eventually video) of this handheld Internet device, running Android, kept popping up all over the place? Well, we were somewhat comforted to discover that it was a Rockchip-powered concept device, although at the same time we felt a little cheated: how dare RAmos flaunt such a thing and fail to deliver? But not so fast! According to a teaser that's made its way to us on the Internet machine, a press event scheduled for September 25th will feature some combination of: "Android" and "ramos digital." Whether or not its the Rockchip-powered device we've been taunted by remains to be seen, but it's definitely a fair guess to say that it will be. Besides, RAmos, after Apple's recent iPod event, we need this.

[Via Pocketables]