SteelSeries takes another stab at gaming headsets with Siberia v2

We played with the original Siberia headset from SteelSeries, which was specifically designed to emphasize "gaming noises" like grenade pin pulls and footsteps -- but didn't do much good for listening to anything else. The Siberia Headset v2 looks to solve some of that with slightly larger speakers, an enclosed design to reduce ambient noise, improved frequency response and increased volume. There's also a built-in mic now. We took a listen and found the music listening capabilities much improved, especially in the bass end, but still no challenge for "regular" over the ear headphones. Still, serious gamers should get what they need out of the cans, which will be offered in models with and without a USB 7.1 virtual surround soundcard in November. No word on price until then.

We also got a quick look at the new Xai and Kinzu gaming mice. The ambidextrous-friendly nature of the pair is nice, materials are great, and mousing around briefly on a fancy SteelSeries mousepad certainly felt effortless and accurate, but mouse technology is so wild these days it's hard to differentiate one multi-megapixel optical or laser sensor from another -- to these untrained eyes, anyway. %Gallery-73471%