Volkswagen L1 concept is crazy efficient, could ship in 2013

Look, it's a well-known fact that the world is ending in either 2012 or when the Large Hadron Collider starts back up (whichever comes first). But, assuming neither of those scenarios actually cause planet Earth to fold in on itself, you should have some pretty swank Volkswagens to choose from in 2013. Just days after hearing that the highly-anticipated E-Up! concept would be landing in around four years, VW is now proclaiming that the L1 concept you see above could also hit production at the same time. What's odd, however, is that the automaker is already calling this the "most fuel-efficient automobile in the world," but at 170MPG, you'd think the suits at Chevy would have a thing or two to say about it. At least in theory, the hybrid TDI vehicle can cruise 100 kilometers on just 1.38 liters of diesel, but we'll wait until the EPA gets a go before buying in completely.