AmazonBasics: Bezos and Co. starts private-label consumer electronics line

You had to see this coming. Or not. While Amazon has certainly shown an ability to do well in the consumer electronics space (ahem, Kindle anyone?), we never exactly envisioned the mammoth e-tailer to spark up its own private-label line of consumer electronics. Designed to go mano-a-mano with the likes of Monoprice and other cut-rate accessories providers, AmazonBasics will -- at least initially -- offer consumers AV cables, blank DVD media and other inexpensive doodads for not much cheddar. Everything the outfit sells through this initiative will ship in frustration-free packaging, and Bezos has already committed to expanding the line "in the coming months." As expected, these products will be eligible for free (albeit slow) shipping if you break the $25-per-order mark, and while Americans can begin ordering today, it'll be a tick before these wares trickle out to international portals. So, industry -- are you scared yet?

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