ASUS' Ion-infused Eee PC 1201n netbook emerges overseas

If ASUS is hoping to stick with that "mid-October" launch date here in North America, we'd say it better get whatever units it has laying around loaded up with an English-speaking version of Windows and onto a large vessel destined for a US port. Still, it's good to see some "proof" that the roadmapped Eee PC 1201n -- a 12-inch netbook with NVIDIA's Ion technology -- is actually on schedule for an autumn release, even if said "proof" is a product listing on an Asian e-tailer's website. Unfortunately, the machine is still humming along on Intel's near-ancient Atom N270 processor, though the 2GB of RAM, high(er) resolution panel, real man's GPU and Windows 7 operating system should help move things along. Per usual, we don't expect ASUS to confirm or deny the legitimacy of this slip, but if you're in the market for an Eee, this may be all you needed to hold off just a bit.

[Via NetbookItalia]