Intel's 1.73GHz Core i7-820 QM mobile CPU maneuvers onto test bench

The middle child of Intel's forthcoming new family of mobile performance parts, the i7-820 QM clocks in at 1.73GHz when things are relatively calm, or it can Turbo Boost its way up to an enviable 3.06GHz when your multitasking life demands it. The PC Pro crew have snatched one from Intel's presumably still warm hands, and have given it a benchmarking run to find out if it extends the Core i7 legacy of dominance into the mobile space. Their conclusion? "It's very, very fast." They couldn't avoid gushing about the dynamic overclocking and efficiency improvements relative to Intel's older generation of quad-core laptop procs, but battery life tests showed you'll still want to keep a power outlet nearby. Read link below should furnish you with more info, should you require it.