Rugged, waterproof Predator VX360 wearable camcorder destined for X Games

Had your daily dose of Sal Masekela? No? Shame on you! Though, we have to say, if this here wearable camcorder takes off, you could very well hear that very fellow doing color commentary over some pretty sick footage. The Predator VX360 is a rugged, waterproof wearable video camera that's engineered to withstand abuse from the elements while popping 1080 kickflips on the halfpipe, and unlike many head-worn alternatives, this one has its recording module (complete with a built-in LCD) strapped to an armband. The "eyeball camera" is still meant to cling tightly to your dome, but details are scant when it comes to resolution and the like. It's available now for daredevils in the UK, though the £549.99 ($892) sticker is apt to keep most of 'em at bay.

[Via I4U News]