Dell announces Moblin Mini 10v at IDF (updated with pricing)

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|09.23.09

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Dell announces Moblin Mini 10v at IDF (updated with pricing)

Dell just announced the first shipping Moblin netbook, a developer-edition Mini 10v that runs Canonical's Moblin Netbook Remix. No pricing info yet, but it'll go on sale tomorrow, September 24, on We're told they have units on the show floor for us to play with, we'll be back with way more details soon.

Update: Dell tells us the Moblin Mini 10v will be $299 to start and available with the usual customization options, but that they're not really aiming it at consumers just yet -- the idea is to give Moblin developers best-of-class hardware to work on. That said, nothing's stopping you from snagging one tomorrow, since they won't be requiring proof that you're actually a dev. You sneaky Linux-loving dog, you.

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