Kensington slaps DisplayLink into USB universal docking stations

We've gone over one whole month without speaking of DisplayLink, and honestly, it's killing us on the inside. Thus, we're thrilled to see yet another product looking to the always-popular USB port for guidance, with Kensington's two newest universal docking stations channeling your graphics, peripherals and even internet journeys (only on the $149.99 K33926US, not on the $129.99 K33930US) over one single cable. Put simply, these docks allow users to connect up a set of speakers, USB peripherals and even a DVI / VGA display, and when you stroll in with your laptop, you simply link the two via a single USB connection and enjoy a "docked" experience. What's most interesting here, however, is the maximum resolution support; while most universal docks top out well below the 1080p mark, these two support resolutions as high as 2,048 x 1,152. Oh, and if you're just looking to connect a few (up to six) monitors to your existing rig via USB, the $79.99 Universal Multi-Display Adapter should be able to help.

[Via HotHardware]