Microsoft's Pink phones revealed?

It looks likes someone at Microsoft is terribly sloppy with where they leave their important files sitting around. Gizmodo has gotten its hands on two images allegedly of the Pink smartphones that we've been hearing about lately. If you believe your orbs, these represent two distinct iterations of devices which the big M is looking at. Taking a glance at the renders, it's clear that at least one model is that Pre-like phone we spied the other day, supposedly (and creatively) codenamed "Turtle." The other device is dubbed the "Pure," and unfortunately for Microsoft, looks like the G1 having a bad hair day... in 1988. Both devices bear a kind of child-like, simplistic look, which actually makes us wonder if these aren't some concept pieces geared toward the youth market. As Giz says, "Project Pink is Microsoft's new phone for regular people," and "Pink will be primarily aimed at the same market as the Sidekick." Much of that info jibes almost exactly with the news Mary-Jo Foley recently speculated on. Then again, with all the heat the company has been getting about this top secret project, these could very well be reference designs (as opposed to proper models) for a forthcoming lineup of devices. Whatever the case may be, we're definitely underwhelmed from an industrial design standpoint. If this is Microsoft's play for the mainstream consumer smartphone buyer, they've got a pretty big boulder to push uphill.