Quad-core Core i7 720QM slips into Dell Studio 15 / 17 and Studio XPS 16

Ready for some fireworks? Good. Intel's just-announced Clarksfield processor -- which was accurately rumored for a September launch way back in July -- is landing in Dell's lineup in a big way. The refreshed Studio 15 and Studio 17 will both be sold with an available Core i7 720QM or Core i7 820QM, as will the gamer-centric Studio XPS 16. As a reminder, the former checks in at 1.6GHz with a 1,333MHz FSB and 6MB of L3 cache, while the latter hums along at 1.73GHz. The Studio 17 is also seeing a few non-CPU related updates, with a JBL-sourced 2.1 audio system, optional 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 and support for dual HDDs. Outside of that, most everything else on these rigs is just as it was yesterday, though consumers interested in snagging one with a shiny new chip should take note of the price points. The Core i7'd Studio 15 gets going at $999, while the 17.3-inch sibling starts at $1,099 and the Studio XPS 16 (available today, or so says Dell) at $1,249.

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