Video: Moblin 2.1 for MIDs and phones, sort of in action

Although Intel made some waves yesterday with the announcement of the smartphone-capable Moblin 2.1 release, the reality here on the ground at IDF is pretty much status quo: phones and other connected devices based on the next-gen Moorestown mobile platform are nowhere to be found, and the actual products on the floor are the same chunky MIDs we've all come to know and ignore. But while the devices remain somewhat uninteresting, Moblin itself has some terrific potential from what we've seen -- there's deep location and social networking integration with a unified contacts list that works a lot like Palm's Synergy, standard Linux apps can be easily ported over and run without any fuss, and manufacturers and developers can even ditch the standard UI and develop whatever they want on top. It's definitely cool stuff -- we just wish Intel had given us this demo on a compelling hardware instead of an older Menlow-based Compal MID, you know? Video after the break.